HL missing in action

HL’s been missing for a week now. Sometimes I feel bad that when a person goes missing, it’s the only time other people start to value or devalue their importance in the workplace. From to time, they ask how …’s doing while others take note that the absence just means carelessness in dealing …’s own health issues. I’m thinking how can we even judge the person without even knowing the person?


Hope for the Human Race

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
–H.G. Wells–

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Swedish Death Cleaning coming soon

It’s very timely that I should start doing this. I know some really don’t like being different and prefer being with the flow most of the time but….but… yes!!! NO BUTS!. just follow the routine shit and devoid yourself of character. Sometimes I really miss my old non-conformist self though at second glance I’d cling back to reality and somehow stride along the shore…


Catch 22 – life is hard



Why renewables can’t save the planet

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Weekend Music Jams with Lei

Kahit Ayaw Mo na (cover) original by This Band (2018)

Sana’y Mapatawad (cover) original by Polyester (1996)

Byahe (cover) original by Josh Santana (2000s??)

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Worst Free Kicks in Football

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