Why renewables can’t save the planet


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Bike Commute-Gen.Trias to Dasma Route 3

Route Dasma 3- Gen. Trias to Dasma Town Proper (Morning and Evening)

Seems to me that a 20-minute morning bike commute to the bus stop in Dasmarinas town proper ain’t that bad. An easy moderate uphill ride on a 2×1 with no shoulders road configuration lacking standard pavement markings, delineators and cat-eye road accessories. 

Route Dasma 3- Gen. Trias to Dasma Town Proper (Morning and Evening)

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Keep On Walking

•Walking is a great social activity for people of all ages and fitness levels. Walking was reported by both males and females to be the most common form of physical activity.
•Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, and helps maintain a healthy body weight.
•Walking creates more vibrant and safer neighbourhoods.
•Short car trips up to two kilometres are the most fuel inefficient and create more pollution per kilometre.
•Walking is low cost form of transport – Save money on petrol costs and walk instead of driving short trips.

Walking for economic benefits
•Staff that walk to work are more productive, have less sick days and have improved fitness.
•An estimated $1.5 billion per year is attributable to physical inactivity direct health care costs.
•Cars are expensive to run and maintain whereas walking is only the cost of a good pair of shoes.

Walking for the environment
•Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 2.9 kilograms for every litre of petrol saved.
•Contributes significantly to preventing global warming caused by driving cars.
•Can improve your health. Smog from air pollution causes headaches, coughs, sore eyes, and throat and lung irritation.

Walking for your mental health
•Is a great way to de-stress, reduce anger, sadness and insecurities.
•Helps children have better concentration and memory throughout the day if they walk to school.
•Can help prevent depression and anxiety.

Walking for your physical health
•Reduces your risk of disease, including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.
•Improves sleep quality.
•Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
•Improves fitness, posture, muscle tone, strength and flexibility.
•Reduces the risk of falls and other injuries.
•Helps control your weight.
•Thirty minutes of moderate intensity physical activity performed on most, preferably all, days of the week (150 minutes per week) is sufficient to result in health benefits. This amount of physical activity can be achieved in shorter bouts throughout the day (e.g. two 15 minute sessions).

Walking to socialise
•Is a great way to make friends and strengthen relationships with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.
•Helps break down social isolation.

Walking for transport
•Up to half of all car trips can be easily replaced by walking, cycling or public transport.
•Walking can provide efficient transport to destinations within two to three kilometres.
•On an average day, Perth residents make more than 400,000 private car trips that are less than one kilometre.
•The average passenger vehicle emits about 4,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) each year.

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Fragile Species: Can Texas Bats Survive an Eastern Plague? — Discover

At The Texas Observer, Asher Elbein writes on how wind farms and White Nose Syndrome are decimating bat populations and why preserving them is critical to the economy and ecosystems of Texas.

via Fragile Species: Can Texas Bats Survive an Eastern Plague? — Discover

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March 16, 2016

After more than 20 years, my front rims finally derformed. The contact surface against the brake pads become too thin that they suddenly warped like burning plastic. I was surprised while I was riding from work, that I felt my pads aren’t making full contact. Than the rims made a thud-thud-smooth-thud-thud sound. I stopped and saw that this was the result of years and years of brake rubber versus aluminum.

Oh well, luckily my wife’s bike isn’t being used regularly so I exchanged it with her front rims. Sheesh…Need to save so that I could buy my replacements.





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URBAN BIKING: Tips for Biking in the Rain

Ad Astra Per Aspera

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The First Woman to Bike The Philippines

CONGRATULATIONS! I wish I could do the same. 🙂

Exploring the Philippine Islands in Two Wheels

Lea and Andeng made it! Lea Latayan being the first woman to bike the entire Philippines! (see previous similar post). Congratulations!


For more information, visit the Tour Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/259558600881432/

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