NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 opens to the public

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Philippine Dialects #2

Let’s see now… some famous adages and words of wisdom spoken in Bisaya, Bicolano.
1) Before I built a wall, I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out

Sa wala pa ako magtukod ug usa ka bongbong, mangutana ako kon unsa ang akong pagkabutang nga giampingang dili makasulod ug dili makagawas.

Bago ako mgpagibong pader gusto kong maisihan kung ano ang pinapaderan ko sa laog o sa luwas (standard Bicol)

2) Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Ang bisan umsang butang nga mahimong sayop, sayop

Maski ano na pwedeng masala..masasala

3) Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

Tungod lang kay nahadlok ka, wa kini nagpasabot nga dili ka makagawas.

Nang dahil torete ka o daing tiwala sa kapwa mo, bakong gustong sabihon dai ka na ninda dakopon o kuhaon

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Philippine Dialects – Ilocano 101 #1


Apay ngata nagbayag na?=bakit kaya ang tagal nya?=why is he so late
Naimbag a bigat = Magandang Umaga = Good Morning
Naimbag a aldaw/Naimbag a malem = Magandang Tanghali=good afternoon
Naimbag a rabii = Magandang Gabi=good evening
Aldaw = Araw=day
Awan danag=walang problema=no worries

–courtesy of AAO–

*curious note: The word “day” is translated “aldaw” in Ilocano and “adlaw” in Bisaya.

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Philippine Democracy … here we go again

The 2019 Philippine Mid-Term Elections is just around the corner, and once again, my fellow countrymen and women will cast their votes.

Win or Lose: the result will by far the same for us normal individuals who are just part of this ultimately flawed system. Our so-called ‘duty’ to choose our leaders who will serve and to be in-line with our so-called ‘democratic system’.

I’m a relatively new voter as I just registered last 2013. I decided to finally vote eventhough I didn’t trust the electoral system. This is partly due to my desire to experience being part of it and also to show my daughter that it is one of those things that she should be pro-actively involved.

My aim is to explore my commentaries on Philippine Society…its successes and failures…its effect on me…its past, present and future and an ideal ‘future’. This blog series is about my observations and critical analysis of why our democracy has been failing( as I see it is really failing).

Whenever I get to randomly discuss with my wife about the daily tragic stories spread on the news and life in front of us, I always try to give my sincerest opinion on the subject matter. I feel that she does like it when she understand the whys and the hows.

For now, let me end this post with this phrase:

“Democracy relies on the quality of its people”.

Not sure where and when I heard or read this but we have to keep in mind that our country literally needs us to act. Act with purpose and vision.

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Philippine Dialects – Bisaya 101 #1

I’ve always been fascinated with different languages and dialects but never did I try to seek formal training. Both of my parents are Bicolanos and I didn’t care to learn at least the basics. I did, however, liked going to foreign film festivals and I felt it was always refreshing when I listen to actors/people talking in their native languages. I think that the different languages gives us more quality as a person or individual. It gives us an honest trait that can’t be easily obscured. If we are angry, when we speak in our own native tongues, we express our near perfect emotions. The same when we are happy or sad. Translating our emotions via second language will not be as genuine.

This is the first of a series of posts that I’m going to remind myself of small learnings.

969Goblin a.k.a MsMarvel just gave me some phrases of … own language.


Nganong dugaya niya?=bakit kaya ang tagal nya?=why is he so late
Maayong buntag = Magandang Umaga = Good Morning
Maayong Udto = Magandang Tanghali=good afternoon
Maayong Gabii = Magandang Gabi=good evening
Adlaw = Araw=day
Way Sapayan!=walang problema=no worries

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Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3: May 2018 update

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Drive By: Anvaya Cove SBMA to Morong

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