Lei admitted

Lei’s first admission into a hospital…
She’s been complaining or stomach trouble and vomiting..

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Weekend Music Jams with Lei

Kahit Ayaw Mo na (cover) original by This Band (2018)

Sana’y Mapatawad (cover) original by Polyester (1996)

Byahe (cover) original by Josh Santana (2000s??)

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Grade school exams

Lei got 38 out of 40 in her first periodical test in English IV.
Keep it up!! I really miss these simple exams in school; 1 correct answer equals 1 point. Why real life is really not this simple is beyond me. I know that life’s complexities makes it all the more unpredictable but do we really need to go back in time to see why all has come to this? Or do we wait ’til we get wiser as time goes by? Or do we just think ahead and anticipate what comes next?

Back in school, we were given books and lessons as tools to be studied prior to our graded tests. We are evaluated later on if we did pass or fail the subject.

In life, we are tested first then afterwards we acquire the lessons to be learned. Do we succeed or not? Well, success is another matter of course. To be honest, our minds are often tricked into paths not clearly laid upon. It is as if, the path is just appearing the moment we step out of each and every test. What’s even crazier is that there is no concrete evaluation as to what should be our own direction after that test. People judge us, situations conflict us, time restricts us. It may be reversed positively, yes, good for us if we do get that.

Sheesh! Life is really crazy you know. You really need to be on your feet to pull this one off.

Every cloud has a silver lining.
Good Luck!!!

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10000 Reasons cover by Lei

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10000 Reasons

My sweet daughter suddenly sang this song last week and it caught my attention. The melody and lyrics are so nice and the way she sang it was super sweet and angelic. She wanted me to play it in the guitar and the piano and somehow I got hooked. I’m hoping we could do a cover of this song ourselves.

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Lei’s 9th birthday gift

All the way from Cavite, we went to Divisoria in Manila to buy Lei’s gift. She was so happy…so happy I was personally touched that I can’t even give her private school education for the past 2 years. Hard Times! Hard Times! these times we will endure… I know we can get past this.

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Future Goals-Play Piano on my daughter's wedding

Hi Hello z,

Well, yesterday night just before going to sleep, while I was watching a synthesia piano tutorial of Vivaldi’s Summer concerto in YouTube,

I told my wife: ” I want to play the piano on Lei’s wedding. I want to provide live music for her dream wedding. But … how am I going to play if we are supposed to be escorting her to her future husband.”

My wife says: ” Well, ’nuff said, you cannot play while she is doing her bridal walk. What’s more important is that we send her off properly. Besides, you are going to be more than 60 years old by then. You will be unable to play any instrument”.

“I will do it! That is my goal” I cried out and went to sleep.

G’ Night z,
-red ice-

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