Earth Shake on Earth Day

At approximately 5:00 pm today the earth shook … for 5 to 10 seconds!
Is this the “Big One”?


2019 Team Building

Wow! I had so much fun joining this year’s team building event. I thought it would be a bore but was actually surprised that even though I didn’t knew my workmates, we still did an excellent job in coordinating amongst ourselves.

retired my 2015 converse sneakers after being submerged in mud



Spilled Coffee

Another Lucky fuckin’ Day! Got spilled warm coffee just now on my desk!
For as long as I can remember I have never spilled my own coffee and it was fast!
All I said was “FUCK!” silently but still enough to be heard by my cubicle-mates. Luckily I had 2 pashminas, 1 face towel, 1 neck warmer, a couple of tissues, 4 books, 1 Sudoku puzzle book within reach. Clean up was all over in approximately 30seconds.

Lesson Learned: Drink your coffee at the breakout-fuckin-room please!!!!

Fortunately, my Samsung earphones(via donations), the company supplied Jabra headset, my decades-old Creative mp3 player and my Samsung OTG connector were still functioning…OH WAIT!!! wait….



lucky FUCKIN day


NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 opens to the public

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Coolest so far

…’s the coolest person I’ve talked to in besides myself. I now name … TF…for Toll Fee!
I wish I had like 33% of that coolness in me. I don’t want to be like ….
Just a little bit of that which I can shift to from time to time.


To the bike parking and BACK!

What the **!!! I forgot to bring my bike lock as I was about to secure my bicycle with the metal tubes!
GRRRR!!!! Lucky +++ day!! I need to go back and back again!!!

That’s 15km in 35minutes!.


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Mass exodus

The company that I was supposed to join last 2016 had some major losses and now in 2019, a high number of employees from that office have flocked our company. Seems legit? Not sure why, but I feel sometime is not entirely right.

I hope this stays good coz I can’t afford losing my day job due to technicalities.

I have observed that some new employees really feel at home and settled in quite fast…a bit too fast.