Lea Salonga – 40 years in thebusiness


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Dapit Hapon by Ebe Dancel

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Tadhana by Up Dharma Down

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Say You’ll Never Go

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Tadhana (Destiny) keyboard cover instrumental

Hi Hello z,

Did a random jam yesterday mainly playing with the B-C#-Ebm-C# loop. Last year I really despised chords using mainly black keys(sharps/flats). It is so difficult at first but when I encountered songs with predominant flats, I came to understand that it is most rewarding to practice them again and again and again. I’m right handed so doing the bass parts using my left hand is quite unnatural especially when I strike the root notes(lowest notes) with my pinkie. 75% of the time my pinkie would slide off the black keys coz’ it’s floating unlike the whites where I just let my pinkie stay grounded.

-red ice-

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You – cover by Mattel

Just discovered one of my colleagues in WSP Manila has an amazing YouTube channel. Subbed and shared this vocal cover of this OPM classic originally performed by Basil Valdez

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Ako'y Sa'yo Ika'y Sa'kin instrumental guitar cover

Hi Hello z,

Travelled from Cavite to Zambales just to do a quick jam and most importantly, to witness live the exchange of vows of my friends, Carla & Christian at Casa San Miguel. Remarkable people. Travel bloggers extraordinaire!

This is the only recorded clip I have of my random jams prior to the wedding. This is recorded via a really OLD mic complete with rust, wear and tear…next to the mixer and a 600W speaker thanks to DJ Maskie Molino from Subic, Zambales providing the lights and sounds for the event. The forest like atmosphere is very pleasing.

Judging from the clip I can tell how crisp my guitar(Going Merry 2012) sounds especially the natural tone of the lower frequencies. The decent reverb coming off the sound hole is spot on and I’m not even using top of the line nylon strings. This guitar is an entry level in the Yamaha Classical guitar line up so you could just imagine the build and performance quality of this instrument.

Music inspires musicians and non-musicians alike. It is natural and what is natural has soul. Somebody told me before that listening to a guitar sounds more soulful than piano keyboards. I think partly it is true. Maybe becoz’ of the natural sounds of the strings being plucked or strummed by the fingers. The contact between the musician and the instrument is direct with almost ZERO interference. It is in its purer state. Authentic. The tone and sound control is genuine but what it truly lacks is variation. By that I can say keyboards also can be soulful by bringing out the variations it could provide. I can say that guitars can express a range of emotions but an electronic keyboard has the ability to produce a multitude of that and more.

Lookin’ forward to coming back to Casa San Miguel in Zambales. My short stay was so ‘BITIN!’

Congrats and Best Wishes for Carla & Christian!!!
-red ice-

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