To the bike parking and BACK!

What the **!!! I forgot to bring my bike lock as I was about to secure my bicycle with the metal tubes!
GRRRR!!!! Lucky +++ day!! I need to go back and back again!!!

That’s 15km in 35minutes!.


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Hope for the Human Race

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
–H.G. Wells–

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Amazing Bike Effects


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Classic Route from Lower Antipolo to Ortigas Center

This is one of the fastest and direct routes from my Mother’s house to my workplace. I really miss this route.

Start Time: 3:50am
End Time: 4:35am
Distance: 12.60km
Total Time: 45 minutes
Gear Selection: Mid Gears only
Weather: Clear
Winds: Calm

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Look Ma! No Hands.


A wonderful thing happened this morning while I was riding my bike to work.

4:02am I think It was…

Suddenly I felt the need to let go of the steering bar and as If I was filled with the lightness of a feather, I realized I was riding with both my hands not touching the handle bar. I was amazed as to how I did it.

Well, I am an already an experienced urban cyclist for many years but I lost the ability to ride my bike no hands since 2012. Becoz’ of some life changing event that ‘slightly’ affected  my balance.

That’s 7 years of being slightly off balanced.

But now!

This morning, I got my LOOK MA! NO HANDS again! God has given me back this wonderful feeling once again.

N.B.#1  It is dangerous steering any 2 wheeled vehicle with one hand, moreso with no hands. Keep both hands on the correct position at all times.

N.B.#2 But I do like disobeying my own set of rules from time to time, thank you! 😛

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My Workout

I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 3.79km, time: 01:16:44, pace: 20:15min/km, speed: 2.96km/h.

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Bike Commute-Gen.Trias to Dasma Route 3

Route Dasma 3- Gen. Trias to Dasma Town Proper (Morning and Evening)

Seems to me that a 20-minute morning bike commute to the bus stop in Dasmarinas town proper ain’t that bad. An easy moderate uphill ride on a 2×1 with no shoulders road configuration lacking standard pavement markings, delineators and cat-eye road accessories. 

Route Dasma 3- Gen. Trias to Dasma Town Proper (Morning and Evening)

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