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Hello world! Thank you for visiting my website. I intended to arrange my interests via categories and a properly sequenced timeline

Guide to understanding on how I post:

Quotes etceteraposted by actual day I have written it in my diary/ actual status

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Guide to understanding on how I rate BOOKS:

Guide to understanding on how I rate FILMS:

How I rate films/ TV series. I do oblige myself to do regular ratings for each and every film I watch. Having been exposed to a lot of film screenings in the 90s, I made it a habit of jotting down on how I feel about the film after watching it. After I went back in 2012, I lost desire of looking for films screened during film festivals.

I use a numerical method to rate them; 1-being the lowest, while 11-being the highest. Take note that I intended to use a sub-unit of 0.5 for the purpose of having to differentiate a 5/11 and a 6/11 clearly, 5.5/11 having a potential of 6/11. The reason why is that I’d like to place my own rating with a possible 2nd viewing in the future(though I do know that I really won’t have the time to re-watch it anyway) and thus giving myself a 2nd chance to either improve or demote the score. Sometimes you will see that I clearly indicate the phrases ” my final rating is…”. It just means that I have the original intention to re-watch the film more than once and came up with a 2nd or 3rd final rating.

I have a long history of watching films and it is clear in my mind that the single best reason why I wanted to seriously understand this art medium was when I watched the film “Bayaning 3rd World” by a Filipino director, Mike De Leon. It was in this film that I experienced a so-called awakening which I started to question how films should really be made, watched, understood, experienced and reviewed. This film was released a year after about another Jose Rizal film, “Rizal”.

I immediately became a fan of De Leon and quickly set my sights on finding each film that he has made.


Guide to understanding on how I rate MUSIC:

Music. Ah, that artistic medium which I really can’t fully describe. It’s the end result which qualifies as a method to understand how I can rate it. Words can’t really express how to judge music. You have to be in it. Although when I saw the film Hachiko, the main protagonist argued on how we should listen to music to full appreciate it.

Nirvana’s Nevermind, Clan of Xymox’ Medusa, Daft Punk’s Discovery, Wuds’ At Nakalimutan ang Diyos, The Beatles’ Revolver, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons… these albums can’t be easily rated as they are almost perfect in every aspect; artistic or technical.

Guide to understanding on how I rate GAMES:


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