Engine Braking on flat roads

Hahaha! I was amazed at how some drivers slow down their cars without ever pressing the brake pedal. At first I was angry why they did that ‘coz I can’t see whenever they slow down( Brake lights are for that right). After weeks of experiencing this, I tried to read how they do this and yes! they do that engine brake technique. Having an automatic car, I tried it and it admit it adds “some spirit” to the driving experience and makes me more conscious of my actual speed and being more careful of slowing down process. If I just depend on the auto Drive dictating the engine braking I have less control.

But I can’t achieve that smooth slow down effect if I do the engine brake technique. Somehow I was just curious but better use the easier way to just use the brake pedals primarily and less on the engine doing the task.

Now I admit it can really be dangerous doing this excessively as others will be caught unaware of the driver’s intention of slowing. Seems like a dangerous prank you can play in tight slow moving traffic.

Note to self:
Keep a close eye on these engine brakers!


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