Dream Log: Lei being a homeless streetkid


I woke up at 2:11am this morning realizing that I had a dream about Lei. As I remember I was walking along the old Tesoro’s Building across Parksquare 1 in Makati. The old eighties atmosphere in there. I saw that I had someone with me but not really sure who. Probably an office mate or friend… possibly male? Felt like I just recently joined the working class and like I was spending the time after work to check out the bookstore. So me and my pal are just about to cross the street going to National Bookstore when I noticed this  young girl sitting at the shop front window. When I strode past her I recognized that it’s Lei, my daughter! She is quite the same age as she is now, 8…neatly dressed but sitting as if waiting for somebody. She didn’t recognize me as her father(Yeah right, so this dream is like an alternate reality and I may have been another person altogether).

So I asked her: ” Hi, Hello. Where are your parents?”

“I don’t have any.” She replied.

“What? So are you all alone by yourself? Where do you live?”

“I live in the streets and I just ask for food from strangers. I don’t have a home.” she explained.

From that moment I felt clearly that she is my daughter Lei but from a different timeline and reality. I was puzzled why suddenly she doesn’t know me. Then I got worried, where and when am I…What is this?

Then Bam! I’m awake! ’twas just a dream. I went to her bedroom and kissed her Good Morning. I love her so much and I don’t really want to ever see her being a homeless street kid. I will protect her, guide and teach her all that I can as her father. I really do pray that everything will be all right.


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