Review: The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower by Stephen King

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sad. Finally, I am done with the Dark Tower multiverse and I never thought that I would end up rating the final book 1/5 stars, to be more exact 1/11 (in my own personal ratings system). Yep, that’s the lowest rating that I have done for any book. Probably, I was more pressured to rate it as a series conclusion and not as a stand-alone book due to the fact that I invested a great amount of time and effort to read almost everything about the series. Being a comic book fan, I tried hard to include also the series’ graphic novel publications by Robin Furth and it helped that by looking through the art of comics, pushed myself to understand more of the various characters, time, time-space, dark fantasy aspects of the Dark Tower continuity.

I reserved my review just now maybe because I was a bit jumpy to conclude my belief in Stephen King’s talent in writing as genius. So now, I am quite certain that even though I’ve enjoyed and praised his other works (past and recents) I felt that too much detail in this series led to an overall bore. The downward trend I felt started at the introductory pages of book 4( The Wizard and Glass). My expectations, being at series of 4 out of 7, should be going up as there were already signs of repetitive useless efforts to keep myself, as a reader, to be led by the writer, as a storyteller, entranced by narrative and prose style. At this stage, I was looking for improvements of levelling up the protagonists’ abilities of matching up with the power of their adversaries. I clearly have knowledge that this is a combined effort by King to mix Western with fantasy, magic, sci-fiction, realism together with his plot including his other works into the lore of series. The build up of the first 3 books were almost excellent and I never doubted his skill as he himself said that this is his Magnum Opus but I closed my eyes in book 4 and told myself that I should be more vigilant in reading the remaining stories coz’ there should be fewer reasons to fail at this point. Unfortunately, I felt that it came true. Being a Constant Reader, I therefore conclude that the writer cannot maximize his writing talent/ narrative skills in a coherent manner to keep me enthralled up to the last moment.

Be that as it may, I don’t want to ramble on and on anymore as I give this final book and ultimately the series in total a disappointing star that you now see just below the name of its writer. This is a hard lesson readers can encounter and accept and I for one have now become a better person after each and every story I have read in my extra-ordinary everyday life.

The man in black fled across the desert and I do not follow coz’ I know better that there are other worlds than these that I am now about to enter.

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