sticky feeling

Yesterday, while travelling home,  I had a very strange experience. I felt that each and every mode of transport I rode had a sticky floor. Its a very peculiar scenario as I never had it before in my entire life for as long as I can remember. While I was nearing my house last night, I was reflecting  and looking to find a meaning for it.

A quick summary:

4:20pm  – while riding the train I chanced to step on a sticky floor

4:45pm – while inside the jeepney I unluckily stepped on a sticky object, probably a chewing gum

6:10pm – while in my former company, I went inside my old workstation and felt the floor was shining/sticky, buffed in liquid wax

6:45pm – while riding the bus, again I stepped on a sticky floor. Don’t know what it is but it seems to be spilled soda

7:40pm – another jeepney ride and the floor is super sticky. Pulling my feet off it requires effort now and another weird thing was, It is just spilled on the floor in my seat. 😦

8:10pm – while walking home, another chewing gum stepped upon. One final sticky gum to end my travel back home.

So just in case this happens again, I can backtrack in my blog and  I’d have something to compare it with.