Import DGN file into AutoCAD

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There are multiple ways to import a DGN file into AutoCAD. First you need to decide on whether or not you want to bring the DGN file in as a reference (think x-ref), or as regular CAD entities.

To import the DGN file as CAD entities, choose one of these methods

  • Ribbon > Insert Tab > Import Panel > Import
  • Application Menu > Open > DGN
  • Command line: DGNIMPORT

Each of these will prompt you to select a DGN file, then the following dialog will appear. The checkbox in the upper left corner determines whether or not the DGN is imported into the current drawing or opened as a new drawing.

Import DGN File

To create a reference to the DGN file, choose one of these methods

  • Drag and drop the DGN from Windows Explorer onto the AutoCAD drawing editor
  • Ribbon > Insert Tab > Reference Panel > Attach
  • Command line:…

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