monito-monita list of participants ver.2

After a week, more officemates of mine wanted to join the event so I re-organized the rules and implemented to renaming our codenames while taking note of their real names. This is done to make sure that each is well-notified of announcements and in case they are absent during Fridays(for proxy/pseudo gifts) to avoid participants being revealed.

After the re-drawing of lots, this is now version 2 of the 38 participants of our weekly gift-giving event. Beside each name is his/her assigned monito/monita in transparent color.

kewpie >> Matchoman
Agent Romanoff >> Tatia
Tatia >> Garfield
Coldhands >> Booboo
Rectangular Parallelepiped >> Fusion
Maleficent >> Precious Jewel
Glynx >> Chili
Toly Molly >> Kuroko
Mi Amor >> ozai
Doraemon >> Toly Molly
ozai >> Lottie
Junlai >> Maleficent
Kuroko >> Coldhands
FM Static >> Shandee
Saber Marionet Android >> Mallard
Sonic >> Seth Plate
Shandee >> Agent Romanoff
Carebear >> Rae
Freedom >> Rectangular Parallelepiped
Batman >> kewpie
Garfield >> Carebear
Elmo >> Winter
Winter >> Destinrae
Rae >> junlai
Destinrae >> FM Static
Fusion >> Elmo
Matchoman >> Batman
Chili >> Eleven
Precious Jewel >> Glynx
Eleven >> Mi Amor
Bearhupp >> Kaymito
Booboo >> Freedom
Kaymito >> Bearhupp
Seth Plate >> Carrie Bradshaw
Dairy >> Saber Marionet Android
Mallard >> Dairy
Carrie Bradshaw >> Sonic
Lottie >> Doraemon

monito version 2a

monito version 2b