May 3, 2016

  • Well this is new. Two days ago while I was working, I started blowing the notifications bar in my Samsung Tablet S. I mean, I started to try and blow the notification bar upwards until it disappears on top of the screen. Repeat, while I was working, my tablet received a text and the automatic notifications bar popped out from the top and it showed the preview message. Out of habit, normally I will be using my hand to gesture the swiping motion upwards to top of the screen,  but instead I tried to use my mouth and made a blowing gesture. Not once, not twice but multiple times until I was very near the screen of my tablet and finally realized that I shouldn’t be doing that. The scariest thing about this is that upon realizing what I have done, I didn’t laugh or made fun of my mistake and what I really felt was anxiety and … questioned myself: WHAT DID I DO JUST NOW?  DID I REALLY TRIED TO BLOW ICONS OR NOTIFICATIONS BARS ON MY SCREEN? Why? or whatever it is that I am doing at that moment contributed to the circumstance of my having no chance to use my two hands to swipe that bar. I believe it was not the case because I have my left hand on the keyboard and my right on the mouse. It was not a case of my hands being tied up or my 1 hand being shackled on the chair. I think that using my mouth to blow something on a digital gadget  isn’t normal and to be honest…IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT I DID TRY TO BLOW SOMETHING ON A SCREEN.

Not normal at all and it isn’t funny. I don’t want to treat this as a random funny scenario but rather s serious case of psychological symptom of some issue I have yet to discover.

I just need to loosen up, I think.