My very first Revit Project






Dear Autocad,
Oh yeah! Finally! This software is so powerful I couldn’t stop imagining the countless possibilities how it can greatly improve the workflow being done in my current job. Very smart and intelligent objects interacting with another object. This definitely separates the digital drafting of AutoCad and Revit’s Building Information modelling. I usually don’t regret my decisions in life and in my career, but in this case I just have to make an exception. I honestly wish that I should’ve learned Revit as early as 2012.
3 years ago, I saw a video demo in Youtube showcasing the applications of this BIM software in real world construction. I didn’t took it seriously as I was too overwhelmed with Bridge designing in my new career as a Civil Works designer of Viaducts. I’d never thought that using the old tools, like Cad, was just dragging the whole design process too slow and inaccurate.
So yeah…after finishing the ground floor plan of my sister’s interior design project…I can say that I’m TOTALLY CONVINCED…Autodesk Revit is the best way to go forward in my career. I thank AutoCad, for bringing the best in me from 2005 to 2016(WTF!!!that’s 11 years being stuck to a single design software…I can’t forgive myself for being lazy enough to be stagnant and be contented and simply be safe and sound inside my job security, open and close parenthesis)…I am so gonna miss the passion I have in finding new and better ways using Cad.
Thank You and it’s been a marvellous time working with you.

Your best friend in times of passionate work,
red ice

P.S. I also would like to thank my wife for waking me up and convincing me to get the most out of all the latest software for my job. Thank you mi!!!

N.B. This initial project was done in 45minutes. Not bad at all. Hihihi.😄