April 6, 2016

+ Feeling sick early in the morning

+ Kite Flying Day
T’was almost 25 years ago when I last flew a kite. This morning my daughter, Lei, woke me up to remind me of my promise: Kite Flying She told me that she really wants to see a kite fly today. Well, I gladly obliged but realizing that we haven’t bought a kite string yet, I told mi and lei that we should look for it in the market. Unfortunately after visiting 3 markets, we haven’t found one.

Because of the modern times, kite flying isn’t being played by the kids today. Kids rather play with their cellphones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles rather play games outside in the streets and playgrounds.
I am not too smart to think that I should have bought a normal string used by people who make embroideries. My wife suggested that I buy that and just forget about seeking for those old kite strings. Yup, that’s what we did and we proceeded to Circuit Makati to set up the kite.
It is already 8:30am. The sun is already scorching hot. No Clouds and the air is almost still. There is wind alright but not good enough to continuously raise the kite. We tried and tried and somehow we have managed to lift it up past the standard electric pole but when the wind stops, the kite crashes into a nose dive.

Next we tried to fly it near the Pasig River. An old man of about 75 years, told me that it was a good day to fly the kite. I was wondering how can he even tell that if the wind isn’t consistent enough to lift it up. This time I was able to make it past the tallest tree in the area and it stood in the air for like a minute or so until the wind died again and the kite came falling down and the worst part of it was… it dived into the river. The murky river of Pasig. EEEEwwww!!!! shouted lei. I raised it up from the water and sadly, the plastic kite was worn out. The T-frame was still intact but the ends of the plastic kite cannot hold the frames anymore. Due to stretching, I felt I should invest to a better, stronger kite build for it to last another flying session.

Flying day ended at 11:00am and me and lei went to 7-11 to eat our breakfast. I carried her on my back and she was so happy of spending the morning with me. She told me that she was happy that I didn’t work and rather chose to be with her. Waaahhhh… I was touched and endeared. I remember my past with my parents being busy with their careers and me and my siblings spending more time with our househelpers. I realized I should prioritize my family more and more. Spending time with them should be more important than work because TIME is the key here. Once I neglect that opportunity, the precious chance of developing stronger ties with them will be forever lost.

I was really glad that eventhough I didn’t flew the kite very well, lei was happy that her dad is doing the best that he can. Cheers to all fathers! Cheers to all kite flyers! Next time I’m gonna do this is in Cavite. Waiting for friendly skies!!! :p