April 5, 2016

+ Yehey! HDMF/Pag-Ibig office issued our housing loan Take-Out yesterday night. A new house, new environment, new neighborhood in the suburbs of Cavite. New roads ahead. The future is here! I’m so happy…mi and lei are so excited too. I hugged both of them and almost cried because at long last all our hard work and patience are producing good results. Totally overwhelmed by the fact that this will be the start a new phase in our lives.

+ CALAX project
reverse skew design is 80% finished with my redesign of Waterway Bridge #1. Officially called, “WB01-scheme 3”, the pier skew is now reduced to 30 degrees; 2 abutments and 4 piers; spanning 25m+40m+40m+40m+25m; bridge width is still 23m; cross slope is at 3.85%. We have reduced the elevation of the vertical profile because the 5.20m clearance is now controlled from the existing at-grade bridge level up to the girder soffit from piers P1 and P2.
The final coordinates for WB01 A1 is now located at Northing: 1,588,829.086 / Easting: 490,713.783

+ Daddy Long Legs.
After rereading the book, I now rate it at 9/11.
Master Jarvis
Note to self: please return it to Ate Nenen this a.s.a.p.

+ SFI project
EQ inquired regarding the comments on ST-22 and ST-24. Clarified and resolved in 5 minutes. Done.

+ Feeling sick @ 7:30pm.
went home and called it a day… somehow I felt that because of the lack of speedy response from our clients at CALAX, I’d rather finalize the general plans and elevation together with the team. It is so hard to take control of the situation if our senior designers aren’t seeing eye to eye on how they analyze their structural data sheets. In the end, the final drawings/documentations will be the ones to suffer. I am not new to these kinds of situations but it seems that if I don’t take action and press my statement as an individual, the company won’t change their design workflow. I tried for almost 4 years to show my perseverance to anyone I work with and yes I did the best that I can. I hope things get better with the project and the company as a whole.

+  mi and lei
…called tonight as I was shutting down the server. They bought a kite at Divisoria in Manila. NO STRINGS?!  Waaahhhhattt!!! So yeah, I made a promise to lei that I will teach her how to fly her kite first thing in the morning.