June 23, 2015 – Tuesday

• I should really start at seriously trying to quit video games…there’s just no more room for immaturity at my age. I don’t know if I’m going to sell my PS3 or just keep it for multi-media purposes or maybe buy more kid’s games for my daughter. I want to teach her to experience the benefits of gaming but at the same time there should be some sort of control. When I was growing up, my mother partially tried to stop me and my brother from playing Super Mario Bros. but eventually she wasn’t strict enough to enforce rules 24/7. But now, being a parent I’m gonna need to put some regulations for lei’s game time. So, I hope I could be successful at being more mature this 2015. 

• Experiencing a slight weakness at my right arm. Just enough for me to notice it this morning while walking to the office so , what I did was , I hailed a rickshaw to avoid accidentally losing right side body control.

• Slight drizzle…I don’t like drizzles. I rather be in an actual rainshower or a heavy downpour.