June 22, 2015 – Monday

• Left office yesterday at 3:30pm because of the 2-hour working time reduction which started last Friday – Ramadan season just started in Bangladesh. Fasting is practiced here as with the other Muslim countries but I feel it’s kinda loose here compared to Qatar or the Emirates.

• Blackout 4 times this afternoon from 4pm to 6pm.

• Flashback Sunday yesterday night at Facebook messenger chat with college friends Angelito and Christian D. Pretty refreshing and funny moments remembering all those stupid things everybody did back then.

• 8 days to go ‘til home!!! ;P

• 4th cockroach I saw since September 2014. The last 2 was within a 3-day period. Not sure why…but I think it keeps on reminding me to read again this book in the UST Central Library titled “ The Ant and The Cockroach”.

• I started to watch a TV series called “Wayward Pines”. Pretty cool show and I plan to read the book afterwards. It’s just too late for me to catch up on the book now as I’m still rereading “A Clash of Kings”. One book at a time….one book at a time. Just finished watching episode 6 of a total 10-episode run and it’s one good show that I think which made me feel “Under The Dome” is boring and silly. Well, I read that book in 2013 and was somehow disappointed at the ending. I love Stephen King but this novel turned TV show was not that good.

• One guy from Wayward Pines quoted Robert Frost in … episode 5 I think…”Before I built a wall, I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out.” An excellent quote which made me reflect on my own built-up walls.