June 21, 2015 – Sunday

June 21, 2015 – Sunday
• Please finish reading “ACOK” this week. Well If I can’t finish it here, on the plane is still going to be good.

• OK. So I have decided! My travel back home will be kept a secret to my family and friends. This is first time I’m going to surprise mi. No hints,no clues. I hope she will forgive me for keeping it hidden … hahaha…

• 9 days to go ‘til I get back home. I miss mi and lei so much and I hope everything will be fine, fine, fine. Suddenly Alanis Morissette’s voice was ringing me in my left ear. ;P

• Today,  please finalize arranging your stuff and keep like 3 or 4 clothes for the rest of the days at the office.

• I was told by the office admin that working hours will be shortened in tradition of the Muslim event they celebrate called “Ramadan”.

• Yesterday I installed this billiards game in Android Playstore. It’s an eight ball online versus match. Some quick 1-on-1 matches and some more difficult tournaments played by better players who already has these upgraded cue sticks. I reached level 9 fairly easy due to the help of trajectory assist and easily understandable ball physics. One problem though is the control method for positioning/aiming at the ball. The stick adjustment was tricky at first but so far I did well against the defined stop clock provided. So last night I tried to challenge my younger brother, Cocoy for a versus match. Wow! The connection was good. I was surprised at the smooth syncing. Even the chat was working pretty well too. Sadly, I lost 2-7…hahaha! I totally suck at competitive games nowadays. It’s just the reality I have to face…younger people will always be better given relatively equal skills and experience and no prep time. Kudos to my brother and being owned most of the time in this game, was very shameful of me. After the match, I decided to uninstall the game…sure it’s good but I just don’t have enough time anymore on these types of games. Best if I can control the addiction before it worsens. I’m not rage quitting….hahaha…no, no, no…;P

• Please backup all PC data in both of your hard drives today. Thank You.

Ad Astra Per Aspera