Star Wars Commander: June 18, 2015 updates


New Star Wars Commander Developer Updates
June 18, 2015

Hello Commanders!
The contents of today’s patch touch upon:

Contraband Units


Droid Huts

Contraband Unit Updates

Twi’Lek Incinerator

New favorite target: Turrets
Now projects flames through shields
Increased overall damage output of Twi’Lek DoT
Shifted Twi’Lek damage to be more frontloaded
Reduced health significantly

This latest update to our favorite head-tailed harrier plays up her strengths: namely her AoE damage. She will be more effective helping with the initial assault, rather than starport cleanup duty. “Nova Blaze” should also have additional value, as her new targeting will often bring her further into the base, increasing the value of the damage dealt.

Note: The current “DPS” field in the UI can’t accurately represent the Twi’Lek’s damage since it is a composite of upfront damage (on-hit) and stacking burn over time. The value listed represents the maximum DPS after the DoT is fully stacked.


Reduced unit size: 10 → 8
Increased Max Health
Retained overall damage output

Pigs are now beefier, but in a smaller package. The goal for this unit was to offer a single high health Bruiser that emphasized soaking up damage over dishing it out from a safe distance. Size has been reduced to make it a more viable option in a broader array of loadouts.

Starship Updates

TIE Defender / B-Wing

Reduced effectiveness vs. Turrets of higher levels
Maintained effectiveness vs. Turrets of equal levels
Maintained existing capacity

We noticed that with the recent changes to matchmaking, players matched against higher HQ opponents disproportionately benefited from these ships.

The additional loot available when fighting above your weight class, combined with the overpowering ships creates an odd scenario. Higher level players are losing bonus currency from lower level players who should not so easily be able to earn said bonus.

Note: The ship’s core use case (one-shotting equal level turrets in the core blast area) remains the same.

LATT / IDT (Dropship Strikes)

Troop health scaling increased significantly
Troop damage scaling decreased moderately
Troop has significantly increased defenses

Dropships have been overshadowed by their ship brethren for some time. The initial goal was to allow instant deployment of units with looser spawning restrictions. While this ship is statistically very powerful, usage never really took off — so to speak.

With this update, in the same way that the TIE Interceptor / Z95 is a Breacher ship, this is now effectively the Bruiser ship. The units it spawns now have the health & damage scaling of a bruiser, in a smaller size.

This is the first of a few buffs planned for this unit, but we’re taking a slow roll since the impact could be fairly significant.

Note: that Dropship Strike _Traps_ still spawn generalist infantry. This is because at present it is still more effective to have generalists over bruisers on defense.

Droid Hut Size

Reduced footprint of Empire Droid Hut: 3×3 → 2×2