Final Fantasy VII – Remake

It has been 18 years since it’s original release in PlayStation and I am so excited to know that this news is actually true. No more fanboy theories, no more speculations, no more doubts. This is real and this going to happen in PlayStation 4. The moment I saw the playground scene, I was like …  “YES!!!” This is it! The moment fans are waiting for; the moment of the official announcement by Square Enix. If I remember it correctly, FFVII: Advent Children came out almost 10 years ago and that technology will now be put to good use in PS4. Wow! I just can’t help but be excited about this even though I still don’t have a PS4. And I think this might be the best reason why should I buy it before the game’s release. I still enjoy my PS3 console and due to family responsibilities, work, hobbies and such, I have drastically reduced my gaming hours. There’s still reality to look forward to and being an avid gamer since the eighties can’t be an excuse. Priorities lay first. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be coming this September and I’ll probably skip buying it and just let the prices go down. With the FFVII remake announcement for PS4, I’m thinking its best to stop buying PS3 games and wait until the best opportunity. For me, Final Fantasy VII is the best RPG that any avid gamer would experience. It’s well-balanced and full of things to do. The gameplay mechanics are over the top. I know Final Fantasy VI is a very good/excellent game at its core but 1997 was the time for change. We could never go back to SuperFamicom games and we just need to go forward with this CD technology. In my opinion, FFVII just had that advantage of better pre-release marketing and stuff. Even that poster with Cloud and his Buster Sword was truly memorable. Oh my…I’m such a fanboy I really don’t care if the developers mess this remake anyway and all I want is that game being played in front of me. As I’ve always reminded myself…

“Never compare the original material against remakes, sequels, prequels, spin-offs etc. Just treat them as a separate entity for you to judge correctly. The times, the makers, the demand, even I myself are constantly changing. Movement is Life.”

I am confident though that my generation will do their best to give the remake a well-deserved homage which inspired a lot of kids back then who are grown ups now. It’s funny how video games have shaped our personal lives. Seriously, it really gave the word “entertainment” a whole new meaning since the eighties. I am so proud to be one of those who loved games and I am looking forward to teaching my daughter how to play them too. A family that plays together, stays together. 🙂 Ad Astra Per Aspera