Safe Commuting

very nice post from a fellow commuter. Thanks for this 🙂

Exploring the Philippine Islands in Two Wheels

Recently there is this viral photo on social media of a bike accident that happened in Antipolo (am not sharing the photo here since I am not a fan of sharing bad/sad photos of other people).  A lot of friends who are into cycling were shaken on how safe it is to bike the metropolis. What I can say is that statistics wise- there are way too many motor vehicle accidents than bike accidents. Such (bike) accidents only gets magnified since its more shocking (raw images of mutilated bodies) and the biker being the underdog between man vs machine gets maximum sympathy. Am not saying it’s wrong but am just stating the fact. In fact I am still pro bike commuting that whoever fault it may be- I will still be on the side of the biker.

Bike Stats Statistics shows biking is still the safest mode of popular wheeled transportation.


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