Star Wars Commander: Notes from the Underground Rebel Base-part03

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

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Challenge-Based Loot/Medal Modifier update?

(enter  John Williams music )

Let this post enlighten you guys on the official update. This update was enforced yesterday, June 3, right after the Twilek Event Challenge. Many were shocked of sudden medal win/loss changes as many just finished their final attacks for acquiring the Ultra-Chrome League prizes. Well, I’m not really sure why “time” this update unannounced to the public.

And here are some discussions on that.

I’m not gonna expound on discussion here as I’m quite surprised of this sudden change myself. I’m pretty sure those players who are staying up top the global rankings will not like this.

So I was thinking…

Did I just got an unintentional advantage with this update?

Sure I’m going to have difficulty on reaching the Ultra-Chrome league on the next update but WTH, I think I’m done with Event challenges for now after unlocking my level 9 Johhar Kessen. There’s nothing worth upgrading using EPs for now, at least.

But the funny thing is, during normal season, I would get easier time to drop my medals, get looted less??(not fully understanding the repercussions yet), and I would get less medals for defense wins(which I prefer). Even with this uncertainty, I’m not seeing any changes on my matchmaking pool so I would still be at an advantage of searching lower level bases for looting.

Well, I have already set my goals back in end of January 2015 so I did what I have to do. If you’ve read My Medal Journey on part 2 of the series, you’ll understand what I mean. It’s a long essay so just read the final texts before the snapshots description at the end.

‘Til next time. cheers! 😛

May The Force Be With You!

…to be continued…