4 comments on “Star Wars Commander: Notes from the Underground Rebel Base-part03

  1. Hi,
    Just to Thank you for sharing the pointer to your blog post in our squad chat. I’ll probably follow your strategy this summer.

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    • Thanks for reading it!:) it’s more of a personal experience/ assessment but I do not intend to encourage others to do it. It’s just that in real life there’s things that I need to balance out in order to justify why I did it and right now I feel it was the “better” choice.


      • By the moment, your experience is providing me a great lesson learned, which is how to play and enjoy the most but keeping a correct balance between game and real live: just changing the game’s main objective, which is only in your head.


  2. Personally, I’ve not seen big problems in the game after the medal change. When I win on defense I now usually get much more medals (often over 30). But when I lose on defense, I lose also a bit more.

    On attack I usually don’t see much change. A loss is still around -15/-16 currently. A win can sometimes be a bit higher.

    But it is right. Life & Fun comes first. This tournament I missed Ultrachrome by 0.14% because I wasn’t there at the end and i didn’t put to much effort in it. Not a problem because I can usually update only one unit at a time.

    By the way:
    I am happy to see Teodolito also found the way to our squad forum:

    (That makes 3 posters counting myself in) 😉

    You can access it also r/o without registering but you still need the password. (available via chat or PM)


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