3 comments on “Star Wars Commander: Notes from the Underground Rebel Base-part02

  1. Phew, that was a long way!
    Interesting to read about the R2D2 combos. I began somewhere Jan/Feb 2015 and didn’t have any success with R2D2.

    Also interesting to see that you did/do intentional medal dropping. I had once such an attack with only a single solder and I guess that it was the same tactic.

    For the moment, I still hunt for the medals a bit. But this will most certainly get less in the future. I am however happy that Disney keeps constantly changing and updating the game. Last year I spend some time with a completely different Disney App “Nemo’s Reef”. It was a nice play but then Disney basically ceased to support the game. No further events, no updates. It was also very disturbing that there was never any official info or an official forum.

    I am absolutely not fearing this for SWC at the moment. The Star Wars franchise is rising, especially with the new Film in December. I am not really the biggest Star Wars fan. Just generally interested in Science Fiction and grew up with the Star Wars films. Episonde VI (III at that time) was the first title that I saw in cinema on a childs birthday.

    I hope that you decide to still stay a good while active & in our squad. I found the last months in the squad quite interesting, relaxing and enjoyable.

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    • Thanks! I didn’t realize I had a comment on this 2nd part. It’s basically me narrating the premise of my current game status. I feel it was a “better” choice on my part taking into account my real life situation. Also, it was not in my intention to influence others directly but instead give my experiences for them to realize that their own experiences will take them to what future they want this game to be. Most of the time I get into details too much in the in-game chat and please forgive me for that. That is the reason why I limit my exposure in the chat box. I do want to help and give opinions to our co-members, but I also need to control myself not to give too much to avoid the perception that I am going backwards and not forward.
      Thanks for the helpful comments and I do appreciate it every time! 🙂


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