4 comments on “Star Wars Commander: Notes from the Underground Rebel Base-part01

  1. Hi There!
    Thank you for sharing the pointer to your blog post in our squad chat. This is a very enjoyable read and there are some points which I actually share. Please keep on posting newer parts but take your time. I will be happy to read them when they´re out.

    Greetings from your (current) squad,
    RebelYell 🙂

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  2. It all depends on the topics. We can discuss topics publicly here. Another possibility would be “our” squad forum ( http://swcommander.com/viewforum.php?f=49 ) but squad members would have to register to follow there. This is still better than a discussion via SWC squad chat because the messages there are volatile. There’s no high motivation to write to more text in the chat when it is gone after a day.

    An interesting topic about the game would be the players age and family and how these are present on different levels of the game.

    I noticed in the squad chat that there are some parents playing in a group. One said he/she is absent for a while and that the child is going to coninue playing in that time. Another said something about his/her daughter wich let me to the conclusion (name=Username) that the daugher does also play in our squad. I won’t mention the usernames here because that would perhaps a bit to personal in the public. (I didn’t take notes also.)

    Some 😉 of my childs played SWC. This is also how i came to the game. They chose the dark side, so we didn’t share a squad. They both stopped playing relatively soon.

    I would think that many younger players stop playing SWC when the build/waiting times are getting to long and the game gets harder. They lose interest and move on. The older players (like me) are perhaps a bit more stubborn. They take it as a challenge and continue.

    Therefore I would guess that the average level 8 player is older than many lower level players.


  3. Thanks for the info. I’ve seen the swcommander site before but didn’t try to register as I thought the official disney forum had more details which I can use.

    That’s a very good topic! My friend and I were discussing something similar to that last year and I took notes but never made a squad stat for age groups. I did some personal spreadsheets and the so-called “Hidden Base Score” speculated calculations. I have a separate part for that and I’m just outlining my point of discussions there.

    Hopefully I could finish up my Walls blog, Medal’s journey, Training Padawans, ABS musings, Match Video analysis etc. etc.


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