Yup! I’ve finally decided to start my own blog. I think it’s time to write down on the web and just limit my notes on actual paper. I recently deleted the Facebook/Twitter App in my tablet realizing I can’t really express my thoughts in there properly. Suddenly, I felt 8 years of the monotonous habit of posting/reposting/sharing/liking/following just bored the hell out of me. Well, for now at least, I kept the FB messenger for communication purposes with my wife and daughter back in the Philippines.

For now, I think I’m ready for change and blogging is the way to do it. Gonna integrate this with my Youtube videos to further explore my interests in life.

I’ve been a frustrated writer since I was young so maybe, just maybe I could be better in here. Here, where the world has more freedom and that is writing with what you truly feel and how you convey it to anybody who has an open mind.

So, hey! It’s my first post and I hope this will be a very exciting and memorable journey of the past, the present, the future and even the non-existent alternate timeline which I’ve always been searching for.

Goodluck!!! to me!!!

To The Stars Through Hard Ways