August 12, 2013 – Monday

August 12, 2013 – Monday

• Whiskey versus Ming-Ming. Whiskey won. They are both cats. Whiskey is my father’s cat while Ming-Ming is our cat. “Ours” meaning , like the cat being generally believed to be our pet but actually he’s not. I know cats are smarter than dogs but I just don’t feel great affection for them. I think it’s the same in true life when people don’t really appreciate smartness. Even the word “smart” is something that I really don’t want being a description of me. I wear glasses, do good in academic stuff, ride my bike effectively, predict thing’s outcomes better than my friends and relatives….etcetera…etcetera…but I don’t feel smart. It’s a relative modifier and the more I experience things in life,  the more I feel stupid of my past and present actions.

• Lei has no classes today. We received a text info from her teacher yesterday at 7pm that due to heavy rains they will be suspending school. Yup! Family time! Yesh!

• Grocery at Pasong Tamo worth Php830

• Got lazy and decided to be absent at work. Hahaha…

• Lei has fever for 2+1 days already. Probably it’s just the weather. Sometimes I wish grownups are here with me now to advise me what to do.

• Mi ECG schedule for this week.

• Please claim your salary check tomorrow because mi lost my ATM before. Coordinate with Ma’m Tudor and do it this week or else… 

• Lei’s pointers please focus on Math, English and Filipino.

• After our afternoon review lei, I saw lei’s difficulties with behind, beside, in front

• Mi luv yah po! 