Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

I rate this book below average, 5/11

This book is my first Murakami encounter and sad to say He doesn’t know how to write a love story/ romance/ erotic story. Can’t really say if this is a coming of age novel coz, Toru, it seems, already knows what he’s supposed to do when he wants to have sex. 

The writing style is inconsistent. Sometimes you read detailed descriptions of scenery and romance. Sometimes you get bombarded with exchange of simple dialogue.

The tragic feel that envelopes the book, seems detached from the 1st person narrative of the lead character. I feel Toru is unaffected in the truest sense as he seems to enjoy each erotic encounter with each of the female characters with so much positivity.

Name dropping popular bands, artists, books etc… feels forced. The author seems to put too much particularity with these things.

After finishing the book…a resounding, tragic, erotic, name dropping author is reverberating in my head.

I hope my next Murakami experience would be better.